Yasmeen Nematt Alla is an Egyptian-Canadian artist whose practice approaches immigration and refugee narratives from an interpreter’s perspective. As someone who lives between cultures, she deciphers the language barriers that are attached to alienation. This extends to creating gestures of care and empathy, ones that are founded in exploring solitary experiences and discovering points of connection within them. She considers how art-making can bridge the gap between what we know and what we hope to understand. Entranced by the power of text and its ability to dialogue with the onlooker, she creates sentences that act as portraits for herself and those who share similar circumstances through sculptural, interactive and performance gestures.


When she isn't creating art, she is a graphic designer who creates accessible designs and freelance branding for NGOs and start-ups. You can find her facilitating community workshops about trauma and storytelling or in coffee shops crying about fictional characters. 

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