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False Truisms, 2016


Dimensions Variable

I was really interested in taking John Baldessari’s (sarcastic, but still true) truisms and find art work in the University of Waterloo Campus that reflected his truisms. I went through all the art that was exhibited in the building to only discover that all the art that was created by the students -who are to become someday artists- did not fit the description. I then projected his three truisms on different pieces that they don’t apply to. The notion that abstract paintings, light colours, landscapes etc. are the only art that sells in the art world is mind boggling at best and at worst disappointing. While the art world is growing to be more accepting that art comes in all different mediums, the hierarchy of what is “good” art is still evident. In reality, most of the work that Baldessari’s text is projected on will not be sold since it does not fit the description of sellable and appealing art. I tried to take Holzer’s method of projection to create a site-specific work that poked at the issues of what is defined as art. Site specific work, in its nature is ephemeral thus making it difficult for artists to make strong work while still profiting from their trade.

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