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In Colouring Grief, 2021
Yasmeen Nematt Alla
Auditory Ritual, Mail, Online Zine

In Colouring Grief is a work that exists primarily due to the non-existence of the work Wishing Upon a Grieving Well. In a time where we are more alone in our grief than ever, and a time that we have collected each other grief more than ever, this project is a study in the exchange of grieving amongst strangers. The give and take of rituals and secrets. The paper we slip to each other hoping no one catches us. While this project requests a grievance from its audience, it also offers something in return. The audience members then receive a translation of their grief from the artist. This translation goes through a set of steps by the audience member in an auditory ritual that attempts to mimic the phone calls that the artist has been making through a time where we can’t hold much of each other.

Special thank you to Rana Nemat Allah and Tanishqa Sinha for collaborating on the creation of the piece of music In Giving a Name a Sound as an attempt to translate the sound of grief into music.

A huge thank you to Razan Samara for her incredible essays and patience through this process as well as the team in Xpace; Alexia Bréard-Anderson, Philip Ocampo, and Natalie King for their eternal kindness with me and extreme care they’ve shown this work.

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