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The Burdening Spine (2024)

Laser etched Artist Book

The Burdening Spine spans the work and writings of a little under two years of research, making, and reading. These writings investigate nine vertebrae (chapters) that wrap around the spinal cord of my practice. Each vertebra also begins with a foreword. Each foreword is written by a person in my life who commands said vertebra. I am made by the people in my community, and it was important that when I write about this practice at this intersection of my life, they would get a chance to introduce the thought in whatever way they deemed fit. I am a burden onto them, and they are a burden onto me, which is to say that they have loved me through so much and I have loved them through the same. This collection of writings will therefore not just be my own but will be underscored by the people who hold me through the linkage of the spine.

Special thanks to Mar, Aubrey, Marina, Zahra, Sama, May, Rana, Lamiaa, Chiedza, and Cy for their writings and many more for their conversations through this process. 

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