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Wheel of Fortune, 2016

DC Motor, Click for ON Button, MDF, Masonite, Paper


Wheel of Fortune is an interactive piece that plays on the concept of the Wheel of Fortune. Instead of winning different points of monetary value, the audience clicks on the button to receive a race colour as well as life points associated with said race colour. Some races have a positive number that leads you forward in the game of “life” while others have a negative number that leads you backwards. The different segments are also not divided equally, rather it is a population pie chart based on a worldwide division of race, hence alluding to the different likelihood of people landing with a positive or a negative race colour. The piece speaks to the concept of luck and how the colour of our skin and the privilege associated with it is a result of no work from the actual person but it is in fact a game of chance that gives people different results regardless of their work ethic or input.

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