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Wishing Upon a Grieving Well, 2020

Glass, Brick, Plaster

Dimensions Varied 

Wishing Upon a Grieving Well is reminiscent of our faith in the intangible. We come together to wish upon shooting stars, a lone eyelash, and the synchronicity of a time on our clocks. Wishing wells are a part of a long list of things we wish upon, hoping against hope for things to work out. What if they also became the spaces where we grieve together? The spaces where we hold each other? Instead of wishing for the future to grip us, we can all wish upon the past to let us go. As the audience releases their grief into the well, across time, it dissolves with others' grief and becomes something different, something foreign as well as familiar. 

Take your grief. Throw it in this well. I don’t promise that you’ll be saved from this ache, but this water will take your burden, spread it with all that has come before it, and maybe make this weight a little bit lighter for you to bear.

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